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Completed Events 2017

23.4.17 Tanya Earle, Jacqueline Fernandez, Lizzie MacAllister, Ed Morrison, Florence Nakamya and Nick Parry run the 2017 London Marathon

8.6.17 The third Guy's Global Garbage Grab
marking World Oceans Day with a beach clean in 16 locations around the world.

Completed Events 2016

12-21.2.16 A twenty-strong team start to build a school in Cambodia

24.4.16 Jamie McLachlan, Florence Nakamya, Chris Ward, Ben Wilkin and Toby Woods run the 2016 London Marathon

8.6.16 The second Guy's Global Garbage Grab
marking World Oceans Day with a beach clean in 20 locations around the world.

31.7.16 Oli Armstrong, Louise Crockett, Billy Hanna and Agata Jasinska cycle The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100

1.9 to 5.10.16 Bill Twist walks The Camino del Norte

18.9.16 The 18 Challenge

9.10.16 Gilly Freedman and Gaby Marcon run the Royal Parks Half Marathon

9.10.16 Rina Fox runs the Chicago Marathon

Completed Events 2015

16.1.15 Mystery Film Night at London's private Framestore Cinema

26.4.15 Daisy Ellison, Emma Franklin, Jamie Freeth, Sebastian Hejna and Florence Nakamya run the 2015 London Marathon

15.5.15 Brooklands Junior School Fun Run

7.6.15 Guy's Global Garbage Grab marking World Oceans Day with a sponsored global beach clean.

21.6.15 Chris Godwin runs the Cheltenham Marathon

13 and 27.9.15 Gavin Pierpoint does the Sandman and Snowman triathlons

27.9.15 Claudia de Wolff does the Heaver Castle Triathlon

11.10.15 Mags Cinti, Paul Roiter, Frankie Speakman and Allison Zionts run The Royal Parks Half Marathon

13-14.10.15 Sujan Gallagher Gurung cycles from Pokhara to Kathmandu

15.11.15 2015 Pub quiz

5.12.15 Christmukkah Feasting Lunch at Verden Restaurant

Completed Events 2014

2.2.14 Alyth Kindergarten Quiz Night

16.3.14 Jodie Belman runs the 2014 New York Half Marathon

13.4.14 Tanya Earle, Patrick Henessey, Kate Lancaster and Matthew Lawes run the 2014 London Marathon

25.5.14 Rosie O'Connor runs in London's Bupa 10,000

25.5.14 Jon Fitzmaurice runs the Liverpool Marathon

8.6.14 'Dive Around the World' scuba event on World Oceans Day - four continents, eight countries, fifteen locations, each representing one of the letters of "G-U-Y-'-S-T-R-U-S-T!".

14.6.14 Ben Wilkin, Daniel Wilkin, Jim Parsons, Jack Pearce, Brugh O'Brien, Martin Boiling and Billy Ford climb 8848 metres in the Mount Everest Challenge

13.7.14 Chanelle Weller, Daniel Parker, Phil Hammersley, Caz Weller, Jamie Hewitt, Tommy Handley, Nick Nugent, Nick Thompson, Jo Finnamore, Ben Williams and Tom Riddelsdell take part in Tough Mudder

20.7.14 - 30.8.14 Lauren Joseph and Lucy Dalby drive 10,000 km from London to Mongolia in The Mongol Rally. You can read their blog here.

20.7.14 Ben Woodman-Smith cycles L'étape du tour Pyrenees

4.9.14 Joely Brammer swims across the Solent for Swim2Bestival

28.9.14 The third 18 Challenge

12.10.14 Madeleine Abrahamson, Cassie Davis, Paul Gandolfi, Laura Graham, Dan Grove, Shelley Masters, Eduardo Schmidt, Tobi Schneidler and Bella Watts run in the Royal Parks Half Marathon

12.10.14 The Annual Guy's Trust Pub Quiz

25.10.14 Katie Armstrong, Nick Walters, Giles Lawson and Marie Steinthaler do the London South Tough Mudder

7.12.14 Jen Miller runs the California International Marathon

12.12.14 'Christmukkah Party' at Verden restaurant.

Completed Events 2013

6.1.13 Michael Sigamoney runs in the Central Lancashire Half Marathon.

1.3.13 - 20.9.13 Ed Hewitt travels from Bangkok2Birmingham.

14.3.13 Open Boxing Show in association with Islington Boxing Club.

29.3.13 Guy's parents, two sisters and 27 friends from around the world spend a week in Nepal building the first Guy Joseph Early Childhood Development Centre. Click here to read about the trip.

21.4.13 Lauren Aarons runs in the first Bethlehem Half Marathon.

21.4.13 Alex Joseph, Katie Loden and Viva Van Loock run in the 2013 London Marathon.

3.5.13 to 10.5.13 Kathy Evans and Julie Eccles walk the Great Glen Way.

5.5.13 Deborah Greenaway and Leo Hogan compete in the Clare Burren Half Marathon Challenge.

17.5.13 Danielle Hart walks the Enfield Night Hike.

21.7.13 Camilla Barber, Rob Curtis, Susie MacAllister, Roisin Kisz, Clare McCarroll, Sharran Virdee and Clare Ward run the Clapham Common Sponsored Run.

27.7.13 Melissa Bartlett does the London Supersprint Triathlon.

4.8.13 Hannah Millward-Hopkins skates the East Fortune Roller Marathon.

17 - 18.8.13 The Three Peaks for Pepé Challenge 2013.

8.9.13 The second 18 Challenge.

15.9.13 Claire Pickett runs the Great North Run.

6.10.13 Madeleine Abrahamson, Rob Briggs, Robert Cooper and Stuart Singer run the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

20.10.13 The second Pub Quiz for Pepé.

7.11.13 Cocktails with a Cause at JW3.

4.12.13 The second Guy's Trust Christmakkah Party.

9.12.13 Joely and Simon's Pub Quiz.

Completed Events 2012

23.3.12 Songs from a Room in New York.

17.4.12 Cheryl Stone hosts an Art Exhibition in Santa Cruz, California.

22.4.12 Wine Tasting Event at Salt Yard restaurant.

20.5.12 Hannah Weisfeld does the Eton Super Sprint.

23.6.12 Linda and Gerald Freedman's 60th Birthday Barbeque.

30.6.12 Angela Allman climbs Cotopaxi Volcano.

18.7.12 Joely Brammer and Zombie Collective run a Pop-up-card Making Workshop.

21.7.12 Three Peaks for Pepé Challenge.
Click here to read a moving report of the challenge.

8.9.12 Claire Rowlinson, Lauren Rowlinson, Elly White and Lauren Best-Shaw run theMarathon du Medoc.

6 to 9.9.12 Four of Guy's friends dressed in Kigus photograph Bestival goers in a giant 'zoo cage'!

16.9.12 Jessie Shaw does the Anglesey Sandman Triathlon.

23.9.12 The 18 Challenge.

7.10.12 Cassie Davies, Tom Goldsmith, George Furber and George Owen run the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

6 to 7.10.12 Dan Parker and Chanelle Weller cycle from Newcastle to London in 26 hours to mark what would have been Guy's 26th birthday.

20.10.12 The second Songs from a Room in New York.

21.10.12 Pub Quiz for Pepé.

28.10.12 Emilia Bobinski runs in Run to the Beat.

7.11.12 Joely Brammer's Pub Quiz.

1.11.12 to 21.11.12 Madeleine Abrahamson treks to Everest Base Camp.

22.11.12 to 23.12.12 Tom Hawkins cycles 2,500km in New Zealand's Southern Alps Bike Ride.

24.11.12 Emma Gibbin cycles the Lake Taupo Challenge in New Zealand.

5.12.12 Natalie Wyand, Linda Zell and Jenny Hennessy arrange a 'Chrismakkah' Party'.

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